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Residential Roofing Services

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Residential Roofing Contractor

Residential Roofing Contractor

Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial Roofing Services

For over 20 years we’ve been recognized as one of the the most trusted roofing companies.

Our expert roofers can handle and repair or replacement projects. In addition to roofing we install roofing siding, gutters, window and doors. 

No matter what home improvement project you have in mind trust Roofing Contractor Plus can handle it! Call us today to schedule a free consultation (954) 482-4205.

Providing The Best Roofing Services For You By Us


Residential Roofing

There comes a point when you have to do something you’ve dreaded for a long time. You’ve got to replace your roof. But you’ve come to the right place! We make the roofing process simple.

We also provide service relating to hail damage.

First, we’ll send out a qualified roofer to give you a free estimate. He’ll explain everything we’re going to do, and answer any questions you have.

We’ll always give you several different shingle options that we recommend so you can choose the right fit for your home.

If you’re interested, we can even give you some addresses of houses that we’ve roofed in your neighborhood so that you can get a better idea of what a certain shingle style and color will look like on your home!

Commercial Roofing

When you replace the roof on your commercial building, you want to make sure you’re working with people you can trust to get the job done right and who will stand behind it. 

At Roofing Contractor Plus we understand the unique issues building owners and managers have to consider. We can install a number of different roof systems tailored to meet your building’s needs.

Whether it’s EPDM (rubber), TPO, PVC, shingles, or synthetics, we have the expertise to guide you through the roofing process. We’ll work with you to design a roof system that will best fit your needs.

Roofing Contractor Plus


Affordable Roofing Solutions

Keep your roof in great shape with the help of our competitive prices you can take advantage of when you call us.

We offer a wide range of services dedicated to meet.

Prompt Project Completions

With over 20 years of Roofing experience we have the knowledge and capabilities to get the job done quickly and professionally.

You name is our staff have faced it.

Guaranteed Quality Work

We offer one of the best craftsman warranties in the industry.

Every job we provide you is backed by our reputation and comes with top line products. Choose a reputable roofing specialist.


When you get storm damage, it can be a scary time, not knowing how best to take care of your home. This is where we can step in — we’ve been roofing for more than 20 years, and can help you navigate through insurance to get your roof fixed up better than it was.

If you have visible damage and need immediate help:
Call your insurance provider, and then contact Roofing Contractor Plus. We’ll do our best to get your home taken care of right away, or assist you in getting the help you need as soon as possible.

If you have minor damage, or are unsure if you need service:
Learn more here about how we can best help you. We’re all around the state, so please be patient with us as we try to meet the needs of our neighbors who have nature-made skylights in their living rooms first.

Additional Roofing Services

Gutter Replacement  and Repair

Gutter Installs & Gutter Replacement

If your gutters are old, leaking, damaged, or you’re just tired of painting them, then it’s time to replace them. Installing new rain gutters isn’t rocket science, but it’s not something you want to try if you’re not an experienced professional. That’s where we come in.

We’ve got several fantastic gutter options with plenty of color choices. The new seamless gutters we install are made with high-grade aluminum coil.


A new roof is a great upgrade for your home, but new fascia wrap and soffit panels can really improve it!

In addition to looking super snappy, new fascia wrap and soffit panels can provide stylish, low-maintenance protection while improving your exterior’s utility.

Your Roofing Contractors Plus representative will present you with several options and help you design a custom plan for your home.




Soffit panels help make your home comfortable by venting moisture and moderating temperature extremes. Offered in a variety of styles, these panels will provide a clean, finished look to the underside of your eaves.

Superior design with protection in mind
Engineered to eliminate sagging and nail facing while keeping a classic appearance
Excellent ventilation, no matter your taste
Perforated ventilation panels offer maximum airflow efficiency
High-grade aluminum cuts down on maintenance
In contrast with traditional wood soffit, aluminum provides a low-maintenance yet still stylish alternative.


Fascia wrap provides stylish, low-maintenance protection for your wood fascia boards. We install aluminum fascia wrap in a variety of finishes to match any style for years to come.

  • Protection for your home in style
  • Corrosive-resistant materials help your home hold up to all sorts of weather
  • Pre-bent or custom-bent options fit your home
  • Trim is bent in the factory or the field to ensure a perfect fit
  • Low-maintenance aluminum is made to last
  • 20-year manufacturer’s warranty against fading or peeling provides peace of mind and enduring curb appeal
Roofing Contractors All Over The State
Roofing Contractor Services



Insufficient home insulation is a major problem for many homeowners, and it can lead to uncomfortable rooms, uneven temperatures throughout the home, and high utility costs.

Our complete home energy audit will identify problem areas in your home so that we can provide you with the right solutions for your specific needs. We offer blown-in fiberglass and cellulose insulation for attics, wall cavities, floors, and more.


If you're looking to keep your home protected from the weather while improving comfort and efficiency, we are here to help! We provide expert home insulation, gutter installation, and roof replacement services all over the state.

We specialize in making your home more comfortable through complete air sealing and insulation installation. If you're interested in upgrading your home and saving money on heating and cooling costs, give us a call today or contact us online to get a free estimate!


To Make You Happy!

We work with a lot of different types of people, from the armchair roofing expert to the people that don’t know the first thing about roofing. We’re glad to meet you where you are and make sure everything gets done the way you want it. We have a lot of fun helping people find the right solution to their roofing problems.

We built our business by word-of-mouth referrals from happy customers. Now, the most common way for people to review us is to post something online, and we LOVE it. Seeing positive reviews and winning awards is a validation of the way we do business.

What Are You Waiting For? Call Us Today.

Roofing is not rocket science, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you sure can make a mess of things. We’re certified by all the top shingle manufacturers and all our employees are trained and experienced.

We also have a good General Liability Policy and we carry Workers Compensation Insurance. Workers Compensation Insurance is important to you because it takes the liability off the homeowner in case anything happens to an empoylee while working on your property. Although the law requires it, it is expensive, so some roofing contractors choose to not carry it.

Roofing Contractors Plus also will save you tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousand of dollars. In many cases, the system has paid for itself before our crew has even climbed down the ladder!

Your free quote will include a valuable ROI analysis revealing your projected energy savings, tax savings, and future roof savings over the next 10, 20+ Years!


Your roof was damaged by a storms. Since you have insurance for these scenarios, it will be up to the insurance company to determine the extent of the damage, what needs to be done to fix it, and how much it will cost to fix it. Rather than initially calling Roofing Contractors Plus directly, you’ll want to work with your insurance company to file a claim and have an adjuster inspect the damage. You will not be responsible for charges beyond your deductible; the insurance company will cover the cost.

If you are unsure if there is damage, your insurance company may request that you have a respectable roofing company inspect the roof first. That’s great — we’re happy to help do that! But if there is catastrophic damage (and some insurance providers are considering the storms this summer catastrophic), many companies do not require an inspection from a roofing company prior to an adjuster’s inspection.

The insurance adjuster visits your home to do an evaluation and creates a report of the work to be done, which includes a detailed analysis of the costs as they are established by the industry in your particular region. The insurance company sets their prices based on industry standards and pays accordingly. Your only task in this step is to locate a reputable contractor who will do quality work, whether by insurance recommendation or independent research — which we hope, for you, is Roofing Contractor Plus.

After the adjuster provides a report with the scope of work needed, we will meet with you to discuss an addendum that details the actual specifics (such as shingle color, gutter work, etc.) of the work to be performed. Once signed, this serves as the contract between Roofing Contractor Plus and you, according to the insurance company’s specifications.

We will then schedule you as soon as possible to have one of our expert roofing crews replace the roof on your home. The last thing any of us wants is to get the roof replaced, only to have another storm ruin it and have to do it all over again — with another deductible for you! So a little patience can save you a lot of headaches (and cash) in the long run. In the meantime, we do have a team that can temporarily patch any leaks your roof may have to keep it safe until the time comes to install an entirely new roof and gutter system.

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